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One place where a lot of television talent stems from is students who work in television at university.

Television talent

Student television is TV created by students, for students. Student TV in the United Kingdom is made up of stations organised by students at places throughout the country who create a variety of shows and make them available to other students. Every station depends upon the commitment of several members, not simply from media courses but from every degree imaginable. They do everything from building equipment and filming programmes to scriptwriting, book keeping and research.

For any student who wishes to progress into a television career, being involved in student television is an obvious source of experience, in production, working as a team, leadership and training new employees. Many of these skills are of interest not simply to production companies but to a wide range of employers.

Student TV awards

The main event in the student television calendar is the conference and prizes held at Easter. This is a two-day event, made up of various sessions to communicate with other student television stations, including a short show made by each station in thirty minutes and culminating in an awards dinner on the final night where the entries are assessed by television industry contacts.

A brilliant selection of entries from twelve stations ended in very tough fought consequences and a few surprises at the events. Links to all the applications placed online can be discovered here. There were plenty of photos posted after the competition.